What is Ponylove.cc?
It is a Website to give old Fans a Place to rewatch the Series and newer Fans an entry Point to My Little Pony.

Why the Name Ponylove.cc?
The Name Ponylove was choosen to describe the Love for the Series and its cute Protagonists.
Its also widely used by Horseowners as a term to describe their passion towards their four legged friends.
Later i also found out that it fits good to Rainbow Dash and Applejack (the 2 Ponies that wrestle in the upper left corner).

Why AV1 Video Codec?
My Intention was to deliver the Content in an very efficient way.
AV1 in 720p Resolution is exactly that, it delivers good quality Video even with lower hardware, while reducing the Traffic for the Website and the User.
Making everything faster and more reliable.

Why are the Videos not working / Images not displaying?
Sadly some Browsers like Safari still not support AV1 and Avif at this point (even thought the codecs are out for over 2-3 years now).
One can just wait, or switching to another Phone / Browser in the meantime.

Where are the other Parts of the G1 Multi Part Episodes or EQG Choose your own Adventure?
You can just navigate with the Nav Buttons ("< Part" and "Part >" below the Videoplayer) to the next/previous Parts.

Where is Classic Generation 2?
Generation 2 was a Toy-Only Generation, there are no Episodes and Movies for Classic G2.